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Neck stretcher to relieve neck pain



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About this item: QR Scan Authenticity Verification: This neckband is protected by Transparency, which verifies the authenticity of a unit and allows you to view rich information about the product you purchased. When you receive your product, please look for the Transparency logo and code. You can scan it to verify its authenticity with the Amazon Shopping app or the Transparency app. Some products will also have special promotions that you can access after scanning them. Effective Neck Traction Pillow: Just 10 minutes with a neck and shoulder relaxer, helps restore the proper cervical curvature associated with consistent use. Helps recover from tension and stress-related problems, including headaches, cervical syndrome, tension at the base of the skull (like knotted muscles), and TMJ.

Ergonomic Curved Design: Vamorry neckband can provide neck support in different ways, perfectly fit the human cervical spine, helps support the cervical vertebra in the correct position.

Treats Multiple Ailments: Lying on this cervical traction cushion for 8-15 minutes a day, you will easily get effective relief for your neck and shoulders. Weighing only 0.4 kg, it is light and convenient to take with you wherever you are. You can relieve your neck pain when working, reading, driving or watching TV.

Relieve Cervical Spondylosis: Made of high quality self-adhesive foam, sturdy, harmless and environmentally friendly material. It is not easily deformed and can provide you with excellent support for the cervical vertebrae. It only works by mutual forces between your head and the pillow itself, no batteries or electricity are included, which is completely safe and super easy to use.

Neck Posture Corrector: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Nowadays, smartphone is the main reason that causes neck pain. And most people working with a computer also lead to neck muscle tension and stiffness. With this gravity neck pillow, you can easily restore the C angle of your cervical vertebra, perfectly applicable for office staff, drivers, nursing mothers and students.

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8 reviews for Neck stretcher to relieve neck pain

  1. ASA

    5,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Really helped with my neck soreness

    I’ve been trying different products such as pillows to help with my tense and very sore neck. Getting a massage can be quite costly so when I stumbled upon this product, I thought I would give it a try. At first use, I wasn’t sure if it was helping because it was only for one day, but now that I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, I have really seen an improvement in the tightness around my neck and upper back area. I think this was a really good purchase and my husband started using it now too!

  2. Lori Jeyes

    4,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Feels good

    Works for neck pain

  3. Anne

    5,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Love this product!

    I really love this neck stretcher! Unlike some other products out there, this one has two options for how deep of a stretch you want. One side supports your head when in the deeper stretch. The other side supports your shoulders for a more moderate stretch. I personally love this side better because the inclined support has nubs that press into your shoulders and other back muscles to help release tension. I have been only using it 10 minutes a day for about a week and it has already helped immensely with my neck and shoulder pain. I highly recommend this product! 

  4. Caroline Marchand

    4,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Confortable et efficace

    Étirement des muscles cervicaux en douceur. 

  5. coralee

    4,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Makes my neck feel much better after working in the office all day

    Love how comfortable it is and how great it makes my neck and upper back feel after using it 

  6. Sylvie Paré

    5,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Très relaxant

    Utile quand douleur au cou détente

  7. Carole .L

    5,0 sur 5 étoiles

    Chiropractor approved!

    After years of using rolled up towels to stretch my neck at home, I brought this stretcher to my chiro and she said it is perfect for traction. So I’ve been using it every night for 5 to 10 mins and feel the difference! I can feel the blood flow through my cspine and down my arms, after years of nerve pain I think I’m finally getting better! 

  8. Jamie

    5,0 sur 5 étoiles

    it works!

    Have used the product daily for 5 mins per time for the first week and will gradually increase up to 10 mins per day. The product feels hard at first but you begin to get used to it as you continually use it. There is no smell to the material. After a week have noticed that my neck is not as stiff as usual and less pain on stretching. There are other similar products for sale some with heat settings, that might be a nice addition, but for the cost of this one, which was on the cheaper side compared to other similar items this is perfectly adequate. 

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